Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Is This Beginning Of End Of Federer?

Roger Federer lost to another player ranked outside top 100.  Recently he lost to Delbonis( Atp 114) and he also lost to Stakhvosky at Wimbledon 2nd round.  Is this beginning of  end of Federer? Or it is only loss of concentration from Federer?  The question is still unanswered.  Now I will try to get the answer with my experience and historical background.

Federer Reacting After Wimbledon Loss

Historical Truth:
This is undeniably fact that every thing which is at one time at its peak, will be at a decline at the other time.  Everyone who flourishes at one time will decline one day sooner or later.  Pete Sampras is greatest example, because he was most dominant player of his time especially on grass.  But once the age caught him, and he lost to a player outside top 100 at Wimbledon 2012, the tournament where he won 7 titles.  This was probably beginning of end of Sampras.  He dropped out of top ten and his dominance remains no more in tennis as it was in 90s.  But he was a true champion, he proved this by winning US open at age of 33, when he was seeded outside top 20.  That field in which Sampras won his 14th grand slam was not so competitive as it is this time.  So Sampras protected his legacy even before his retirement.  But his decline was surely due to age.  Once a tennis player is caught by age, it is very difficult for him to play at the same level at which one he was playing.

Current Fact:
The loss of Federer to players outside top 100 is surely shocking for tennis world.  But it is not only Federer who lost to a player ranked outside top 100.  Rafeal Nadal is biggest example in this regard.  He lost to Lukas Rosol at age of 25 at last year's Wimbledon 2nd round, and now he lost recently to Steve Darcis in 1st round of Wimbledon 2013.  Both of these guys were ranked out of top 100.  Now if we analyze the fact of Nadal, who is not so much aged as Federer, we can surely say the loss of concentration is biggest factor of their losses.

Federer's Losses:

Federer Shanking Hands With Delbonis After Loss

Now if we analyze the losses of Federer in Hamburg and Wimbledon 2nd round, we can see that Federer did not play bad.  He played well but not so well as he played before.  He lose both of these matches due to losses in tie breaks.  Tie break is deciding factory of a set or even a match.  Tie break contains most crucial points of the match.  There is no chance to lose concentration in Tie break.  But Federe lost two tie breaks at Wimbledon and two at Hamburg.  This indicates that Federer losses were due to lack of concentration, at which he should pay attention the most.

Future Expectations:
Now Federer after having a worst season of his career since 2003.  Despite so much disappointments, Federer is still hopeful that he will get his way back.  He is playing at Gstaad this week in front of home crowd.  He is playing this tournament since winning this in 2004.  He made his tour debut at this tournament in 1998.  So he has a lot of memories regarding this tournament.  He must win this tournament to get himself in the game before going to North America.  He has to defend almost 1500 points heading towards US open therefore winning at Gstaad can give him extra confidence and points, which he needs the most.  He will try to at least maintain his rankings.  His big racket will do the damage if he wins at least one bigger tournament before entering into US open.  He has to show himself strong at Gstaad as well as at Rogers Cup, where has nothing to lose.  This will give him an extra push up before defending title at Cincinnati.  And after all at 2013 last grand slam.

Future Doubts:
There are doubts around, that if Federer continue to lose against low ranked players as he did in his last two tournaments.  Then he will soon be out of top ten, which will be surely the beginning of end.  But Federer knows how to handle such a tough time.  If will come back strong at Gstaad and then in North America.  If he wins at US open, which I don't expect from him this time.  Then it will have much sweeter flavour as compared to 2012 Wimbledon.  But an early exit will prove this fact that he has done now.