Monday, 10 June 2013

Rafael Nadal Has Best Chance To End 2013 As no 1

The current world no 5 according to Emirated Atp Rankings for this week.  But Nadal becomes the first man to qualify for the year ending championship at O2 Arena.  He is no 1 as far as 2013 is concerned.  He has participated in 9 tournaments so far in 2013 and won seven of them.  In other two tournaments he was runner up.  His total points in 2013 is now 7000 after winning French Open in 2013.  He is far ahead of all men on tour.  At second is Djokovic who has 5 and half thousand points.

If we see Nadal's performance after his comeback.  It was an epic performance.  He has come back as stronger than ever.  He won seven titles out of which 6 titles are on clay and 1 title on hard i-e Indian Wells.  Now he has defended all those points that he gained in 2012.  Now this is time for Nadal to only gain points without losing anything.  His next tournament is Wimbledon.  Therer he has to defend just 45 points.  If he wins this tournament, his points will be above 8000 and he can become no 2 in the world.

After Wimbledon he has not to defend a single point.  But he can gain plenty of points after Wimbledon also.  So winning two or more tournaments in the second half of season will get him very closer to Djokovic.  Because Djokovic's second half of the season was very strong last year and he has to defend a lot of points. That's why one or more early exits of Djokovic will make it more easy for Nadal to catch Djokovic for world no 1.  But Nadal's big test will be Wimbledon because transition from slow dirt to fast grass is difficult to handle.  With Nadal playing no grass court warm up tournament, he has to maintain his focus on fast grass to maintain his momentum.


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